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Products and services

As a clothing producer of the highest standard, we offer sewing service, manufacturing garments in bulk according to the customer`s order.

Product development, sourcing of main materials, pattern construction&grading by the customer or partly by us.

Quantity in bulk:  20 - 2000 pcs

We produce the following types of garments out of woven and tricot fabrics:

  • blouses, skirts, trousers, jackets, shirts, dresses etc.
  • festive dresses and other wear
  • tops, T-shirts, pants, leggings, hoodies
  • coats, outdoor jackets
  • home textil and other sewn products
  • occupational garments

Having extensive experience and know-how on of technologically complex and work-consuming  models, we offer sewing service making  designer collections, high-market products in small batches in case of free capacity beside bulk production. 

  • Manufacturing of samples/fashion collections with later producing in series.
  • Rush orders of tops, T-shirts and other tricot products
  • Making of cloth-covered buttons in sizes  20”, 22”, 28”, 32”, 36”
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